A visit to China: Things to expect, see, and enjoy!

If you are not travelling with other delegates to the China Executive Leadership Programme, you will be missing out on a lot.

China is a beauty to behold; a sprawling landscape that has practically every kind of geographical terrain.

While places like Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin – and as far north as the Himalayan mountains get lots of snow, Macau, Hong Kong and other southern regions remain relatively warm all year round.

The Middle Kingdom is strategically located between long stretches of beaches along its southeast border, the vast Gobi desert in the north bordering Mongolia, and the Himalayan mountain range in the west. These natural barriers bring about multiple advantages – military and trade inclusive.

At 1.4 billion strong, China is not only the most populated country in the world but one of the most historically diverse too. It is the home of 56 unique ethnic groups – with various distinct national dress styles and languages – living and thriving together for centuries. 

There is so much to see, to know, and to do in China.

This sprawling country of over 9.6 million square kilometres has a rich and varied history spanning more than 5,000 decades.

Globally famous cultural and historical sites and relics speak volumes about its great civilisation and ancient developmental prowess; twin uniqueness that makes the country one of the greatest ‘cradles of civilisation’ of all time. 

Joining other business leaders to the China Executive Leadership Programme is the ideal opportunity to relish in the awe-inspiring greatness some of these sites have to offer.


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Cultures and attractions against the background of doing business in this exciting country 

Cultures and attractions against the background of doing business in this exciting country

The modern port city of Dalian on the Liaodong Peninsula located at the southern tip of the Liaoning Province is an unmissable spot to visit. 

Adorned with Russian-style architecture, Dalian is a Russian-founded city that is a delight to waltz through. Since 1898 colonial buildings erected with a Renaissance-style touch can be seen lining Russian Street (Eluosi Fengqing Jie); this fabulous site has continued to wow thousands of visitors who throng there yearly.

Dalian’s coastline is a picturesque setting against a backdrop of world-famous beaches such as Tiger beach and Pebble beach, among others.

Dalian is also home to Bin Hai Road, a traveller’s delight that stretches along the seafront and known for impressive views. 

If you will like to do some shopping, the Shaolin Arts and Crafts Garden is the perfect marketplace bustling with all kinds of crafts and locally designed masterpieces that can match any collector’s item anywhere in the world. 

Dalian’s Sun Asia Ocean World, a marine theme park and underwater aquarium tunnel, is a hugely popular attraction for locals and visitors.

No one leaves China without first basking in the pleasure of mouthwatering delicacies the numerous restaurants have to offer. Your taste buds are sure to experience something new and magical prepared from seafood and other treats.

Dalian is just a tip of the excitement awaiting you in China.

Beijing will blow your mind!

Beijing will blow your mind!

Beijing, China’s dynamic and incredibly beautiful capital boasts a history stretching back three millennia and is every traveller’s delight.

Blending a fascinating and exquisite modern architecture with truly enchanting ancient sites such as the grand Forbidden City complex and the Imperial Palace from the Ming and Qing dynasties is a marvel no other city in the world can match.

Nearby, the massive Tiananmen Square hosts the site of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum as well as the National Museum of China which houses and displays a vast collection of fascinating cultural artefacts. 

Your visit is not complete until you see The Great Wall of China!

If you have not seen The Great Wall of China – travel buffs’ top pick among the 7-Wonders of the world, you have not seen anything yet.

At 21,196 Kilometre-long, this series of fortification systems built continuously through several centuries is one of the most magnificent sights and human-made achievements in the world.

The Great Wall of China is undisputedly the longest erected edifice on Planet Earth; a jaw-dropping feat that never fails to mesmerise everyone considering the ancient architecture applied during its construction. 

Strolling through The Wall is a fantastic means to take in the sheer beauty along the winding path laid beautifully over the rugged countryside and steep mountains.

Whether you love sports or not; you have to visit the Bird’s Nest

Whether you love sports or not; you have to visit the Bird's Nest

China’s national stadium, the Bird’s Nest, is more than an architectural marvel, it is a testament to the ingenuity and creative mind of the Chinese, the evidence that this country loves achieving amazing things every step of the way.

Beyond being the most gargantuan steel-constructed edifice in the world, this magnificent sports centre is breathtaking in and out.

China spent close to 450 million US Dollars to construct what architectural archivists now call ‘the new wonder of the modern world.’

You don’t need to be a sports fan or a creative architect to fall in love with the Bird’s Nest; this technologically-advanced stadium is sure to captivate and hold you spellbound for a long time.

Is your groceries basket empty? Visit Alibaba Hema Stores

Talk about big data analytics sourced from consumer-driven behaviour in the 4th industrial revolution, and you are talking about Alibaba’s Hema Stores – the next frontier in e-commerce and grocery shopping.

Alibaba has brought wishes and dreams to reality; its Hema stores rely on e-pay, e-commerce apps, robots, scanners, and conveyor belts, among other high-tech solutions to give its grocery consumers the experience of a lifetime when they order for fresh or cooked items.

From ordering the item to packaging and delivery, technology is used widely to make service delivery fast, smooth, and a beautifully convenient experience such that the customer will love to come back again and again.

Whether in Tier 1 or Tier 2 Chinese cities, the experience will leave you speechless.

You should visit an Alibaba Hema store before jetting out of China; you’ll regret it if you don’t. 


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Travelling to China will be rewarding but has its challenges 

Travelling to China will be rewarding but has its challenges

Here are some useful tips for the China Executive Leadership Programme delegates:

  • Although many restaurants and shops accept MasterCard and Visa Card transactions, cash is the preferred option.
  • Most stores are also hesitant to accept any currency other than the Renminbi (Yuan)
  • The Chinese don’t tip for service rendered (some may even find it offensive); so, do not attempt to give tips, no matter how excellent the service provided is.
  • Negotiating is accepted and allows you to bargain souvenirs and other items at a fraction of the cost.
  • Do not drink the water in China; bottled water is a must-have as you travel and tour the country.
  • Even though it has a massive land area, China is a crowded space; so, get accustomed to being jostled and shoved in the cities – they are 1.4 billion strong, after all.
  • China’s premier mode of communication is WeChat. WhatsApp is not available in China, so you and your family should download the WeChat app for accessible communication while you are in the country.


Are you ready to learn new things, to see some of the most amazing sites and cultural artefacts the world has to offer? China is waiting for your arrival to give you the experience of a lifetime like you never had before.

As you hope to mingle with other executives, to discuss business, and to seek more opportunities for growth and expansion, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the splendid and incredible bliss China is offering.

You may go back again and again after this experience!


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