Leadership Team

Dr Julian Naidoo

Head of the BRICS Institute

Dr Naidoo is the Head of the BRICS Institute. He has been an entrepreneur and he has worked across several sectors, including the private sector, government, development sector and academia. Julian holds several academic qualifications including masters and doctorate degrees in economics from the University of Maryland. His previous senior positions include being Partner at one of the big 4 consulting firms, Deputy Director General at Gauteng Treasury, Head of  Wits Development Enterprise (Wits University) and head of several commercial enterprises.  Julian also serves on several Boards and is the current Chairman of the Special Economic Zones Advisory Board.  


Dr Marko Saravanja

Director at the BRICS Institute

Dr Saravanja is a Director at the BRICS Institute. He is an academic, an entrepreneur, and he has been involved in extensive development work. Marko obtained his PhD in Performance Management. He was a finalist of the Ernst Young World Entrepreneurship Awards and served on the Advisory Board of First National Bank in South Africa. Marko has written the inspirational book ‘Secrets of Success’. He has started several successful entrepreneurial ventures in South Africa, Nigeria and India. Marko’s purpose in life is to help people awaken their potential and achieve their dreams.


Dr Penny Law

Head of Executive Leadership Development Programmes at the BRICS Institute

Dr Law is the Head of the Executive Leadership Development Programmes at the BRICS Institute, and she is the Dean at Regenesys Business School. Penny has worked in senior positions at the Universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand and serves on the Higher Education Quality Committee of the Council of Higher Education, which is a South African government accreditation body. Penny has consulted for many international companies, and has been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures in education, financial services, travel and tourism on three continents. Penny’s expertise in educational psychology and emotional and spiritual intelligence guides the development and delivery of key executive leadership and development programmes at the BRICS Institute.


Mr William Vivian

Programme Director at the BRICS Institute

William Vivian is the Programme Director of the Executive Leadership Development Programmes at the BRICS Institute. He is also a Director of Regenesys. William has held various executive positions in government and private sector in the areas of education, health, training and research. He has two Masters Degrees in Psychology and Management and his area of specialisation is organisational behaviour. William has consulted for several multinationals and governments and has been involved in start-ups in education, recruitment and financial services.


James Forson

Director at the BRICS Institute

 James has 20 years voluntary experience in leading successful non-profit educational institutions. He has deep experience of the non-profit regulatory environment with proficiency in successful fundraising programmes, as well as building and sustaining donor relationships. James has accumulated extensive skills in fundraising, marketing, financial planning, stakeholder engagement, and programme management.ST